Monday, September 27, 2010

Big bellies and screwdrivers

This is my cute sister Melissa. She is amazing. Here she is almost 8 months pregnant and still wrestling the kids (Owen). She also runs circles around "hard-core"runners and we get to mortify them by telling them she's 6 months pregnant! Anyway, a few weeks ago, she and her husband Blake and little Ellis were down visiting and Aunt Missy picked up Owen. There was no room for him on her hip and he was feeling crowded. He pointed to her big belly and said very matter-of-factly, "You need to go to the doctor. And he can get a screwdriver and help you get that out." I guess Daddy's been explaining the facts of life. Don't worry, I'll set him straight before he's 25.
We can't wait to meet that sweet little baby girl!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Drew!

MY SWEET baby Drew! You started out as this little peanut...

with your big brown eyes

the most mellow, cuddly, good-natured little man...

And you've amazed us all at how quickly you went from runty little peanut, "Little Man Drew"--to our roly-poly, "Mr. Chubs", "Fatso", "Mr. Brew-man", "Stinky-face"

Just look at that Husky boy!
(notice cousin Ellis has no neck either)

You make us laugh--smiling with your big, funny tongue always hanging out!

It's bigger than your mouth!

We celebrated your birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's house with all your aunts, uncles, and cousins...Since both of your "same age cousins" had their birthdays a few months ago, you were experienced at the cupcake thing...

Your CONSTANT smile brightens our world!
We're so blessed to have such a healthy, happy little giggle monster to love!
You are the perfect little brother and son.
Happy 1st Birthday little man!

Morning giggles!

This is how I find these two funny boys MOST mornings! For SOME (very odd) reason, Owen, who's 3 1/2, doesn't come out of his room in the morning UNTIL we come in...I know what you're thinking, but there are no threats or bribery involved! We either find him playing in his bed talking to himself, or wrestling his baby brother, or jumping in the crib. And Drew is just BEAMING! He is THE happiest kid alive (all day)! And he thinks his big brother is so funny--especially in his bed in the morning. I must say, these two make it so fun to wake up in the morning...I love sneaking up on them when they don't hear me coming, and then hear them SQUEAL! They usually have about 8 blankets and a bunch of pillows in with them too. I'm so glad they have each other to laugh with.
LOVE YOU my sweet boys!

Beach with the Baggetts and Whites

The Baggett cousins were in town and we met them, and Missy and Paul at their beach house in Irvine Cove. It's so peaceful and beautiful there..thanks for the invite White Family.
These cute boys loved showing off their climbing skills.

Avery and Owen were so amazed by the caves--it was fun seeing them so excited to go exploring.

This cute boy, "JP" as he seems to be called now, gets along so well with even his GIRL cousins. We love you JP!

the girls taught each other some new games

We had fun exploring the sea life in the tidepools. We had such a fun time with all the cousins, we hope they visit again soon.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Spring Break in Utah

I've given up trying to stay current on my blog. So now I am just recapping our Spring Break in Utah...
We got to see ALL of my cousins on the Woffinden (my mom's fam) side!
Everyone was up for my baby cousin, Brett's (aka Bertie) wedding to Tara.
I love all my cousins--we always have a good time hanging out.

My kids got to see real snow (as opposed to the extreme hail piles we had in SD this winter) for the first time! Here's little Owen and his first snowman...I told the kids to "hurry and build a snowman before all the snow melts", and this is what we got...

Poor little San Diego kids were sad when their creations melted away after about an hour!
Cute girls with their sweet cousin Sammy.

Playin' in the snow in their pjs--I barely got them to put on their jackets and shoes!

Little man D

My sis-in-law Chelsea gave us passes for the Children's Museum up at Gateway. So we met the Baggett cousins and Papa there and had a blast! Such a COOL place--the kids loved all the fun things they could experiment and play with! Thanks Chels! She took these pics 'cause I couldn't find my camera (don't have any of the cousins though).

Of course we had to stop at Rumbi, our FAVORITE (right up there with Cafe Rio)!
Such a fun, busy trip!

Family Photos at Rancho Carillo

Two months ago the Young Women in San Elijo Hills did a fundraiser for camp...
family photo sessions.
Here are a few cute ones taken by my good friend Brooke Brown.

Love this one of my girls.

My adorable kiddos
(even if the oldest 3 are ALL fake smiles)
Owen-3, Avery-6, Drew-8 months, Madison-8 1/2
How did they get so OLD?

Thanks YW!
Let us know when you do it again next year.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Naked buns and such

"Does this rug make my butt look big?"
Tell me that isn't the most yummy little pair of buns you laid eyes on, in the last few days?
My little man (now 8 1/2 months) has turned from a little peanut, trying to gain some Mr. Thunder Thighs.

And he thinks he's sooooo big, climbing up and getting into all sorts of germ-infested things! I was making lunch today and thought he was playing with his toys in the family room, when I heard him get excited and giggle. So I followed the sounds and found THIS!
Except when I found him, his chubby little arm was ALL THE WAY INSIDE, splashing around in the water! Ew, sick. Don't worry, I boiled his little fingers and dipped them in Clorox for 40 minutes...or maybe we just let the dog lick them clean.