Monday, September 27, 2010

Big bellies and screwdrivers

This is my cute sister Melissa. She is amazing. Here she is almost 8 months pregnant and still wrestling the kids (Owen). She also runs circles around "hard-core"runners and we get to mortify them by telling them she's 6 months pregnant! Anyway, a few weeks ago, she and her husband Blake and little Ellis were down visiting and Aunt Missy picked up Owen. There was no room for him on her hip and he was feeling crowded. He pointed to her big belly and said very matter-of-factly, "You need to go to the doctor. And he can get a screwdriver and help you get that out." I guess Daddy's been explaining the facts of life. Don't worry, I'll set him straight before he's 25.
We can't wait to meet that sweet little baby girl!


Melissa Carlile said...

Thanks for the bathing suit post....Good thing that Owen is so cute that it makes up for it. I love my little buddy and want to freeze time so he stays this age forvever. He is perfect!

Karyogamy said...

Every once in awhile I like to stop in on your blog to catch up on pictures of your wonderful family. Hope all is going well and life is good for you and Marcus and those sweet darlings. Love, Aunt Karyn

Martin Kovalsky said...

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